Tisha's Sewing Studio LogoWelcome to Tisha’s Sewing Studio. Our mission “to teach the world to sew one stitch at a time”, can only be obtained when you move beyond the idea of a physical location as a studio, and explore the idea that the wherever there is creativity and the desire to learn, that space is a studio. Tisha’s Sewing Studio is not an place, but a state of mind. A place where art, creativity, and the use of textiles are expressions of community, individuality, self-sufficiency, recreation, family and fun. This studio is accessible to all and meets each individual at their level with their interest in mind. Whether you want to make a quilt to pass on to your child, make a special outfit for that trip to the Caribbean, make costumes for the students in your kindergarten class, or to simply alter a garment, Tisha’s Sewing Studio is open and the day to start growing is today.


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